A Professional Website & It’s Importance

June 21, 2023

Why is having a professional website as a service provider so important?

Let’s go over the reasons that I personally think every service provider would benefit from a professional website, hence why it should be an important part of your business model.

Less Work For Clients = Higher Click Rate

Have you ever found yourself searching around for a photographer, realtor, HMUA, videographer, or some other type of service provider by using your socials and/or Google? We’ve all been there. Combing through dozens of recommendations, trying to compare & learn more about your options. Chances are, you’re searching for info on their service, pricing, availability, or maybe a portfolio of their previous work. Although you can likely find some of these things on their Facebook or Instagram, it can be a chore to click through & search to find the exact information you’re looking for. For this reason, we oftentimes end up inquiring with someone that has a website with all of the information you need in one place. Having a professional website is a great way to stand out against competition (ie. other recommendations) & look more professional. This makes your service feel more reliable & makes clients more comfortable with investing in it.

Guide Your Viewers

A professional website will guide an audience exactly where they need to go. It will answer their FAQs, give them the info they need to decide if you’re a good fit, and showcase exactly what you do. A functional and efficient professional website will also automate the parts of your business that you would otherwise spend time doing manually, such as taking inquiries & growing email lists.

Your Business Safety Net

Not only does a professional website present an easier way to access you for ideal clients, but it also provides you with a safe haven to call home. Social media is a fantastic tool for businesses to use, but you will never own your Instagram, Facebook, or any other social platform. What happens to your leads & your business when your profile is hacked & you have to start over? Or we see a global blackout (as we’ve seen before) and everything is offline? Although these scenarios are not super common, it does drive home the idea of permanency. A good, professional website is owned by you & will be there regardless of any changes on social media platforms.

Grow With You

A good website will also grow with your business as you alter and change. Whether it’s introducing new offers, products, or pricing, you can keep it all in one place. No need to go on a frenzy on your accounts to make sure everyone knows updates & changes. Simply send all of your clients to your website where it’s all in one place.

Save Time & Sanity

If the last few examples of why it’s important to have a professional website didn’t sell you, maybe this will. SAVE TIME when you invest in a professional & functional website. Automate your client inquiry process. Capture emails and add them to your email list. Streamline your post-booking process by integrating your CRM with your website such as Honeybook or Dubsado (save on these CRMs with my code). Stop answering DM’s & texts about pricing & availability and send everyone to one place. A professional website will give you a hands off approach to your business & allow you to focus on the parts of your service that you love.

If you’re ready to save time & give your website a new home, BOOK NOW!


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