Coaching calls are now available for aspiring Showit website designers & service providers looking to educate themselves on building their own websites! These calls are completely custom, unless you prefer my guided Showit basics agenda. You can pick my brain as I share my screen & walk you step by step through the design process. Each call lasts 60 minutes. Save money when you book in bulk! Not sure if this is right for you? Fill out the form & I will be in touch with more information. 

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Coaching Calls

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Hear it from my former client!

Kiley is a VA turned Showit webdesigner that is a former coaching client of mine. Kiley was able to work with me on projects & master the skills of designing & optimizing websites on mobile. She came to me with basic knowledge of Showit webdesign, but tons of questions! I allowed her to guide me through her questions so that I could give her step by step answers at a speed she preferred. Through screen share & zoom calls, she was able to learn additional skills in Showit, work more efficiently, nail down her backend process, set up an onbaording/offboarding workflows, and set up her own template shop. After one month of coaching, Kiley is about to launch her first Showit website template & book her first custom design project!

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Coaching Calls

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coaching calls

Coaching calls are perfect for aspiring web-designers or service providers looking to design their own websites! These calls can either be guided by me & my objectives, or spent by you picking my brain about all things webdesign. Screen share will be used during the call so I can walk you through the processes step by step on screen.

Looking for more ways to connect? Meet me at the blog for updates on sales and services as well as other teaching resources. I'll be sharing tutorials from my TikTok series "30 days of webdesign tips" over the next couple of months. For faster updates & resources, be sure to check out my social media links at the bottom of this page.

Courses are coming & I'm so excited! Stay in the know when you join the waitlist. Ready to DIY this thing? Let me teach you everything I know. This video course will be packed with all things Showit & how to use Showit as a photographer. Don't miss out! Waitlist members will receive exclusive access & pricing for courses.

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